About the product

Our hand sanitizer goes through 3 phases when applied: first it’s slippery, allowing you to easily distribute it to every nook and cranny of your hands. As it dries it will briefly be a little sticky. By the time you’re done rubbing it all over your hands, your hands will feel completely dry and a little moisturized. Our product doesn’t leave your hands dry and cracked, even if you use it all day every day!

Our bottles are conveniently sized at 2oz, small enough to fit in your pocket so you’ll always have your hand sanitizer at the ready. Our caps are child resistant and tamper evident. The push-down-and-turn style cap prevents surprise spills in your pocket or bag normally associated with flip top hand sanitizer containers.

Cap tips and tricks: Initially cracking open and breaking the tamper evident seal can occasionally be tricky. In order to be opened the cap must be firmly pressed down and then twisted counter-clockwise, similar to how you would open a pill bottle. If you are doing this and hear clicking, the cap must be pressed down further. If this does not work you can use a knife (a butter knife is sufficient, safety first!) to break away the six tabs connecting the tamper evident ring to the cap, similar to water or soda bottle. Once these are broken the cap should be easier to remove.